Jan. 14th, 2010

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I was hoping, for the first time, to be able to go to Eurofurence this year, but the more I think about it, the more I'm not sure.

For a start, the basic double hotel room+con is €240, which is around £220- only a little bit less than I'm paying for a single room and sponsor membership at Confuzzled. Last year was €170, which is a big increase, even factoring in the extra €30 they've had to put on due to some new tax law. Factoring in plane costs, travel to the hotel, and getting to and from the airport in this country and travel insurance, I've probably spent god knows how much before I've even started. Then there's the money I'll have to spend while I'm there. A recent post on UKFur says that breakfast at the hotel is £15, so I can imagine other meals are equally expensive, which prices me out of eating there- I've never spent that much on food in a day, let alone a single meal, there's no way could I afford those prices on top of what else I'd be spending. It just feels as if it's going to be working out too pricy for me.

Plus I really need to sort out issues with roommates- I couldn't even contemplate sharing with a stranger (moreso with furries), and I only know 2 people who are definatly going, and I've felt too nervous to ask either of them. And there's sorting out other arrangements, such as travel, plus I want to check out if other local hotels are cheaper, and I admit I don't really know where to start with any of it as I've never done anything like this by myself before, and I feel I need someone to talk me through it and help me out.

I do want to go, but it just feels like it's going to be expensive and a lot of hassle. I did feel as though I was missing out last year, and all the years I was unaware of the fandom, but it does feel as if EF has started to outgrow itself and got far too big. I really wish I could have been aware of the fandom and been able to go a few years ago when it was smaller (and cheaper), it feels as if it was more fun and enjoyable. I'm just wondering if it's worth going or if I should just stay at home.


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