Mar. 16th, 2010

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One thing I spend a lot of my time doing it watching music channels. Well, at least having it on in the background anyway while I'm doing other things. One of the channels I watch the most is Magic TV, which is mostly music from the 80s and 90s (which is much better than the trash in the charts these days), and I've noticed over the past couple of weeks they keep making mistakes. For a start, I was watching last week, and the same song was played twice in the space of an hour, and yesterday during "hits of the 80s" we got both Beyonce's brand new single, and also a song by Sophie Ellis-Bextor which is just as 21st century, and today during hits of the 90s we got a very 21st Century Robbie Williams song. Have they put work experience boy in charge of programming the playlist or something?

Also, since the start of the month, they've been running every number 1 of the 80s, 90s and 00s. Quite a misleading name, as they skipped over several songs from the 80s. Admittedly, most didn't have videos to show (though they could have got Mark Goodier, who's presenting it, to have aknowleged them), but a few of them did- and I'm pretty sure the only reason they skipped over Jive Bunny is become someone who works there thinks it's crap (though that doesn't stop them playing Mr Blobby, the Tellytubbies and Bob The Builder, which are MUCH worse...). Plus between last Tuesday & Wednesday's show they skipped over several songs from 1994, which I imagine was down to work experience boy making a mistake again, as they have run those songs when they've shown it in the past.

One mistake that's consitently made which annoys me whenever they show this (and other assorted "Number 1" and "million seller" shows they run) is this:

Yes, Candle In The Wind was Number 1 during those weeks, and was the biggest selling song of that year, but not THAT VERSION of it! Considering the caption there even mentions Elton playing the song at Diana's funeral (the footage they're showing there was recorded in Sydney in 1986, for anyone who cares- probably no-one!), the fact they still keep on playing the Marilyn Monroe version of the song baffles me- you'd think someone who works there would have picked up on it by now, but they've been making this mistake for years... After all, the fact it was a song about Diana is the very reason why it sold 5 million copies.

You'd think the people who work for these channels would be clued up, but then there was the time when Top Of The Pops ran a viewers phone in competition question where all the answers were wrong...


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