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Over the last few weeks it's been dawning on me increasingly- I need to lose weight. I've been noticing myself getting bigger, and it's got to the point now where some of my pairs of trousers don't fasten properly, and my t-shirts are starting to feel tight (I can't believe how tight the shirt I bought at EF feels on me!). Part of the problem has been, over the past few months especially, I've been going too far. It's not neccecerially what I eat, but how much- and I've not only been having too big portions, it's other things- like not enough excersise, and fitting stuff inbetween meals. Extra snacks, sandwiches, crisps, biscuits etc and cooking extra meals. Buying coke rather than fruit cordial, going to the shops and buying multipacks of crisps, and chocolate bars and other stuff that I simply don't need. I've got to the stage where it's quite obvious I need to lose a stone or two. Part of the problem is, whenever I try and do this, I just feel miserable- I can't eat the stuff I enjoy as much, and I feel hungry a lot of the time too (in fact I do right now, but I need to resist the urge to raid the fridge).

There's little things I'm going to do that will hopefully make a difference too- for example tomorrow we're going into town tommorrow, and going to McDonalds. Usually I have a large quarter pounder with cheese meal- instead I'm going to have a cheesburger and regular fries and coke, and I'm going to walk home rather than go in the car. Hopefully all these things will add up and make a difference. Within a few weeks I want to be able to feel the difference when I put on a t-shirt or try and fasten my trousers.

The problem is, I've done this before a few times over the past few years, and I always end up lapsing, and end up eventually putting the weight back on anyway. It's hard to lose weight, but it seems it's even harder to keep it off...
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