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Last week, I had to by a new charger for my laptop, after the wire on the connector on the old one had bought and snapped (it was still usuble, with tape round it, but not really fit to keep). I bought a replacement from Amazon- a genuine Dell charger, that the listing said was for my particular model (an inspiron 1525), and it arrived on Wednesday, and I've been using it for the last couple of days. All of a sudden, when I tried to use my laptop this evening- the charger wouldn't work. The light on it would come on for a couple of seconds at a time, then go off again- and my laptop would also recognise it being plugged in for just as briefly, then after a while it would do it again. I switched the laptop off and kept plugging it in and unplugging it. The light usually didn't come on straight away- it would come on after around 10 or 20 seconds, then the gap between it going off and coming on again would get shorter and after a few minutes the light stayed on, then all of a sudden, there's a pop, a puff of smoke, and a hole's been melted in the mains lead! Thankfully, the laptop was switched off at this point, and it seems undamaged anyway- it's woking perfectly fine, though I'm using the dwonstairs computer right now rather than running the battery down.

To be honest, I'm thinking I've been caught out by a dodgy chinese fake. While I thought I was buying through Amazon, on closer inspection, it's actually a third party seller, who do their business through Amazon who stock in in their warehouses and dispatch it (and I have to send it back to Amazon for a refund), and reading through their feedback now there seems to be a lot of complaints about fake products and things like this happenning after only a few days.if this is true, i'm suprised Amazon allow such shodiness to be sold in their name- thank god my laptop seems to be undamaged.

Date: 2010-09-25 05:47 pm (UTC)
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That reminds me of how I always try and buy directly from Amazon whenever I can, even though it usually isn't the cheapest option. To me, it seems like the best way of making sure that I end up getting exactly what I want, and in the best condition too!


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