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My mum was reading the newspaper on Saturday, there was one of the kajillion articles about this yawnfest of a wedding, saying how William is showering Kate with tens of thousands of pounds of gifts, and things like £800 bottles of champagne. She was commenting on how disgusting this is- that at the moment everyone's suffering with pay cuts, price hikes, tax rises, the threats of losing their jobs etc. and here they are openly flaunting money about like nobody's business (and it's all our money, to boot), and we're supposed to be happy for them and celebrating this fact- that they can have a posh wedding at our expense when millions of people in the country are struggling to make ends meet? I don't think I've heard a better comment made about this wedding, and I don't think I will.

And, just a point to any non-brits reading this, despite the impression you might be getting from the media, the UK is not awash with excitement and anticipation. Sure, the media is, and it's all over the TV and the newspapers, but try and find a member of the public who's the least bit excited about it, and you're going to struggle. Nearly everyone I know is sick of hearing about it, is going to be avoiding TV on Friday and just can't wait for it to be over and done with. This media saturation and open flaunting of money is spreading resentment, not excitement.


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