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I think I'm losing my mind. Over the last couple of weeks my sister's been round, and as a result my niece has been with her. She's only 1 year old, so obviously nothing's her fault, but she's awake very early every morning, plus very noisy even through the day, so I'd been managing, at best 4 or 5 hours of sleep each night- trying to go to bed early hasn't helped, though some days I did manage to claw back an hour or two in the afternoon, while things were quite. Very quickly, I started feeling very ill from sleep deprivation, I've been feeling sick, and barely being able to concentrate, plus headaches from the baby's crying (I know this isn't either her or my sister's fault, so I can't be angry at anyone for it), and one day last week I felt so ill I was actually crying. I did ask another fur if I could stay there for a couple of nights, but backed out from worry of offending my mum or my sister.

My sister went home on Sunday, but I've still been having trouble getting into my sleep patterns- some nights I haven't been able to get to sleep until 4 or 5 AM, and then I still wake up when I usually do and can't get back to sleep after. Again I can claw back an hour of two in the afternoons, but can't get more than that- and early nights don't help as I just lie there awake.

What's worse is my memory of the last few days is a blur. I'm struggling to work out what actually happenned and what I've dreamt. I know yesterday I went to Meadowhall for Christmas shopping and was so tired I could barely concentrate and hardly bought anything (and probably wasn't really in a fit state to drive either- but mum insisted). I have vague memories of browing Amazon for some Christmas present DVDs when I got home, and watching EastEnders and Corrie (though I can't remember what happened). The fact I woke up this morning to find comments on FA left on a photo (of me in my fursuit, holding our VHS copy of The Lion King) which I have absolutly no memory of taking is worrying (not to mention why the hell I took that photo in the first place). I feel I have to apologise in advance for any bizarre MSN conversations I might have had over the past few days that I have lttle to no memory of- I particuarly have to apologise to someone because I was completely out of it when I had that conversation (though I can at least remember it).

I really need to try and make up all this sleep I've lost now, because I'm worried about how this deprivtion's affecting me. f I don't get any better in the next week or so I may need to see a doctor...


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